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I feel that my imagery, being an
extension of my self, is a testament to
the journey of human spirit. My body
of artwork, like my own physical form,
may be uniquely mine; however, it
shares with all in the trans-personal
aspect of human spiritual experience.
That is the pool of energy from which
I feed and to which I feel drawn into
irresistibly, expressing all manner of
pain and pleasure in the struggle to
define selves through the ouroboros,
homeward bound to the self of all.  
Share this testament of my particular
mystic path as influenced by the
many who came before me and who
walk with me now. I hope to serve as
a sign, as my work too is filled with
symbolism of the deities and spirits,
transcending our sleepy materialistic
condition, to look deeper to the heart
of things, and to awaken new visions.
My discipline to the detailed art of
painting is an act of meditation and
produces icons of my soul's forms as
an offering to my maker, and to my
fellow beings.

Brian C Baker, SOULFORMS 2014
photo: Susana Reyes Alcala
CIRCUS TRICK irregular freakshow ACE ART / SOULFORMS c 2018