For Immediate Release: August 18, 2011

Brian C. Baker,, 410.804.3957

A Soulforms Caravan of Painters, Photographers, and Interdisciplinarians
City Arts Gallery 440 East Oliver Street Baltimore, MD 21202
(410) 528-9239
August 18-Sept 9, 2011  Event: September 2, 2011 5pm-10pm

“This exhibition is the exploration of the soul in a variety of forms expressed through all
vehicles of creativity. It is about individual souls and our collective creativity translated
into many forms manifested through art.” ~Brian C. Baker

The art exhibition “Soulforms Caravan” includes 10 City Arts resident artists as well as 8
Soulforms collaborators and colleagues; City Arts residents: visual artists, Brian C.
Baker, Noah Hall, Stefan Ways,  Brady Starr, Ymaht Jacintho Bloom, multi-medium artist
Dayna Harris Smith, sculptors, Jessica Schimpf and Savanna Leigh, photographer
Megan Dee,  interdisciplinary artists, Heather joi and Bernard Stiegler, guest artists:
photographers, Jack Radcliffe, Phillip Edward Laubner,  Ed St. Marc,  Matt Saindon,  
interdisciplinary artists, Carl Stevens, Steven Dewey, Sarah Schwartz, origins,
manifestations and expressions of the soul and It’s many forms. Curated by Brian C.

“Soulforms Caravan” will be presented in the City Arts Gallery from August 18 through
September 9, 2011.  This exhibit, which is free and open to the public, can be viewed
Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm. The artist reception will take place September 2,
2011 from 5pm to 10pm with interdisciplinary performances including poetry by Auset,
Ris and Jazmine, dance by fusion belly dancer Little Renegade, performance art by
Heather joi and Carl Stevens, film by Carl Stevens and Bernard Stiegler, animation by
Bernard Stiegler, yoga by yoga Christy, and music by Two in the Pink and Fractal Cat.  

“City Arts is an artist-residence space committed to the progression of the community
within the building, and the growth and re-development of the community that we are
now apart of. A host to all forms of artistic expression and the furthering of our
understanding of one another.  City Arts aims to be a beacon in the flourishing art scene
and re-urbanization of Baltimore city and beyond.”   ~City Arts Gallery Committee

“Evenings like these (captured in Philip Laubner’s fantastic photographs) convince me
that art and artists such as Brian, Heather, and Andy Rubin... will revitalize Central
Baltimore.”  ~Doreen Bolger … Art-Full Life

“His (Brian c. Baker) ambitious body of work—large mixed media canvases—suggest
memories as much as dreams, but taken as a whole, could also express someone’s
powerful spiritual journey.”  ~Doreen Bolger … Art-Full Life

“Brian, as alchemist, evokes these visions with a blend of oil, acrylic, pencil, charcoal,
typography, spray paint and found photography. The sheer scale of the work envelops
and draws the viewer into lucidity — sometimes with reverie, often with reverence and
occasionally accompanied by a demon or nightmare.”  ~Philip Laubner … What Weekly